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Manchester United’s Antony dropped from Brazil squad over domestic violence claims

Manchester United's Antony dropped from Brazil squad over domestic violence claims

Brazil drop Manchester United’s Antony over domestic violence claims:

Manchester United footballer Antony Matheus dos Santos has been dropped from Brazil’s national squad over allegations of domestic violence made by his former girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

The Brazilian football federation (CBF) said in a statement that Antony had been “dismissed from the Seleção” as a result of the allegations, which need to be investigated.

The 23-year-old has denied the allegations, calling them “false”. He has also said that he is willing to cooperate with the authorities to clear his name.


Cavallin has provided the Brazilian media with photographs and WhatsApp messages that she says support her allegations. She has alleged that Antony attacked her on three occasions, including once while she was pregnant with their child.

The first alleged attack took place on 1 June last year, when Cavallin was pregnant with Antony’s child. She claims that he became angry after spotting her in a nightclub and “put her in the car, repeatedly assaulted her and threatened to throw her out of the car at high speed”.

Cavallin said that she was left with bruises and cuts on her body, and that she had to go to the hospital for treatment.

The second alleged attack took place in Manchester on 15 January this year. Cavallin claims that Antony punched her in the breast and her silicon implant flipped over. She says that he also threatened to kill her.

The third alleged attack took place on 8 May this year. Cavallin claims that Antony tried to attack her face with a glass during an argument. She says that she was cut on her finger and had to get stitches.

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Greater Manchester Police said they are aware of the allegations and that inquiries are ongoing.

Gabriela Cavallin's insta post

Brazilian Football Confederation’s Decision:

The CBF said that it had taken the decision to drop Antony from the national squad “in order to safeguard the alleged victim, the player, the Brazilian team and the CBF”.

The federation said that it would continue to monitor the situation and that it would “take further action if necessary”.

The allegations against Antony have cast a shadow over his career. He is a talented young player who has been tipped for a bright future. However, if the allegations are proven to be true, it could have a devastating impact on his career.

It is important to remember that Antony is innocent until proven guilty. However, the allegations against him are serious and should be taken seriously.

The CBF’s decision to drop Antony from the national squad is a significant development. It is the first time that a Brazilian player has been dropped from the national team due to allegations of domestic violence.

The decision is likely to put pressure on other football federations to take a similar stance on domestic violence. It is also likely to have a wider impact on society, as it sends a message that domestic violence will not be tolerated.

The case is still under investigation, and it is important to let the legal process take its course. However, the allegations against Antony are serious, and they should be taken seriously.



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