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Unveiling Arsène Wenger statue at Emirates Stadium: What a lovely Tribute

Arsène Wenger statue unveiled at Emirates Stadium

Arsène Wenger statue insight:

A Legendary Manager:

Arsenal Football Club proudly pays tribute to the legendary manager, Arsene Wenger, with a striking bronze statue outside Emirates Stadium, immortalizing his extraordinary reign from 1996 to 2018.

Unmatched Success:

Wenger’s era saw Arsenal achieve unparalleled success, clinching three Premier League titles and an impressive seven FA Cup victories, including the unforgettable 2003-04 season when the team went unbeaten throughout the entire Premier League campaign, earning them the title “The Invincibles.” Wenger’s tactical prowess and ability to develop young talents catapulted Arsenal to the pinnacle of English football.

Managing 1,235 Matches:

Wenger’s unwavering commitment to Arsenal is evident in the staggering number of matches he managed during his 22-year tenure. Over 1,235 games, he led the Gunners with passion, dedication, and a vision for excellence, creating an enduring legacy that resonates with fans around the world.

Shaping the Modern Arsenal:

Beyond the silverware, Wenger’s influence extended to transforming Arsenal’s playing style and philosophy. His innovative approach revolutionized the English game, earning him the title of the “modern Arsenal” creator. Wenger’s emphasis on fluid, attacking football and technical proficiency left an indelible mark on the club’s identity.

Arsène Wenger Statue: Lovely Tribute-

The stunning bronze statue, crafted by the talented sculptor Jim Guy, portrays Wenger proudly holding the Premier League trophy aloft, commemorating his triumphant moments at the helm of Arsenal. Placed outside the North Bank stand, the statue stands tall as a testament to Wenger’s achievements and serves as an inspiring sight for generations of fans.

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Gratitude from the Current Generation:

Arsenal’s current manager, Mikel Arteta, who once played under Wenger’s guidance, expressed profound gratitude for the mentorship he received. Wenger’s belief in Arteta led to his selection as a player and eventually as the club’s captain. The statue is not just a tribute to Wenger’s legacy but also a symbol of the lasting impact he had on the players he nurtured.

Special Guest of Honor:

The unveiling of Wenger’s statue coincided with a heartwarming gesture from the club, inviting him as a special guest of honor for a home friendly against Monaco, one of his former clubs. The occasion was filled with heartfelt appreciation and admiration for Wenger’s contributions to the club’s success.

Continuing Influence:

As Arsenal embarks on a UEFA Champions League season without Wenger for the first time since 1991-92, his legacy remains ingrained in the club’s DNA. The “Wengerball” style of play and his emphasis on nurturing young talents continue to shape Arsenal’s footballing ethos.

A Timeless Reminder:

The imposing bronze statue at Emirates Stadium serves as a constant reminder of Wenger’s unmatched achievements and influence on the club’s history. As fans walk past the statue, they are reminded of the indomitable spirit that Wenger instilled in the team during his tenure.

Lasting Inspiration:

The tribute to Wenger and other Arsenal legends serves as a timeless source of inspiration, not only for the current squad but also for future generations of players, managers, and fans. Wenger’s vision for attacking football, emphasis on player development, and commitment to success continue to inspire football enthusiasts across the globe.

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Shaping Future Managers:

Wenger’s innovative coaching methods and football philosophy have left an enduring impact on the sport beyond Arsenal. Many young managers today have been influenced by Wenger’s approach, making his legacy felt in football clubs far and wide.

A Global Impact:

Wenger’s contributions to football extend beyond the borders of England. His innovative tactics and footballing philosophy have shaped the way the game is played on a global stage, earning him respect and admiration from fellow professionals worldwide.

A Vision for Player Development:

Wenger’s emphasis on youth development and nurturing young talent has left a lasting imprint on Arsenal’s approach to building future stars. His belief in the potential of young players has resulted in the emergence of several world-class talents.

Fostering a Winning Culture:

Wenger instilled a winning mentality within the Arsenal squad, leaving a legacy of determination and resilience that still resonates with the team. His influence in creating a culture of success is evident in the club’s continuous pursuit of excellence.

United by Wenger’s Vision:

The statue of Arsene Wenger outside Emirates Stadium stands as a unifying symbol, bringing together fans from all corners of the world to celebrate his greatness. Wenger’s legacy transcends boundaries and unites Arsenal supporters, who continue to be inspired by his achievements.


Arsene Wenger’s time at Arsenal was nothing short of extraordinary. His legacy is deeply etched in the hearts of Arsenal fans and the footballing world. The bronze statue outside Emirates Stadium is not only a tribute to Wenger’s achievements but also a symbol of the enduring impact he had on the club, the sport, and the lives of countless individuals. As the sun sets on one era, Wenger’s influence shines on, inspiring generations to come and forever enriching the beautiful game of football.

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