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Leonardo Bonucci Takes Legal Action Against Juventus For Mistreatment

Leonardo Bonucci Takes Legal Action Against Juventus For Mistreatment

Leonardo Bonucci to Sue Juventus for Alleged Lack of Adequate Training Conditions, Being Stripped of Captaincy:

Former Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci is set to sue the club for alleged lack of adequate training conditions, being stripped of the captaincy, and being treated with disrespect.

Bonucci was frozen out of the Juventus squad in the summer of 2023 after falling out with manager Massimiliano Allegri. He was forced to train separately at night or at different times from his teammates, and he did not have access to all of the same training facilities.

His legal team is arguing that the club’s actions caused him damage of a professional and image nature. They say that Bonucci was unable to prepare properly for the season and that his reputation was damaged by being excluded from the team. They also say that He was treated with disrespect by the club, and that this caused him emotional distress.

He has said that he will donate any damages he wins from the lawsuit to two charities: Neuroland, which supports the families of children hospitalized in the neurosurgery department of the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin, and Live Onlus, which acquires and donates defibrillators for sports societies, schools and town councils.

In addition to the alleged lack of adequate training conditions and being stripped of the captaincy, Leonardo is also reportedly upset that he was not given a proper goodbye by the club. He had been a key player for Juventus for many years, and he felt that he deserved more respect.

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Leonardo Bonucci’s decision to sue Juventus is a significant development. It is the first time that a player has taken legal action against a club for being frozen out of the squad. The case could set a precedent for other players who find themselves in similar situations.

It remains to be seen how the lawsuit will be resolved. However, it is clear that he is determined to get justice for what he believes he has been through.

Important Highlights:

  • Leonardo Bonucci worked at Juventus’ training ground in the evening and at different times from the rest of the team. He never met the technical staff and could not use all the training facilities.
  • Leonardo clarified that he had asked several times to be able to return to work with the rest of the squad, but his requests were denied.
  • Juventus maintain that they have acted within the rules and provided the proper environment for Leonardo to train, albeit away from the squad. However, they have not commented on Leonardo’s allegations of being treated with disrespect.
  • His lawsuit is scheduled to be heard in court in October 2023.

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