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Inter Overtook Juventus and Roma in Latest UEFA Club Ranking 2023

Inter Overtook Juventus and Roma in Latest UEFA Club Ranking 2023

Inter Overtook Juventus and Roma and becomes highest-ranked Italian club in UEFA:

Inter Milan have overtaken Juventus and Roma as the highest-ranked Italian club in the latest UEFA club coefficient rankings. The Nerazzurri’s recent success in the Champions League has helped them to climb the rankings, they did not win but it was a big success for the club, while Juventus have struggled in recent seasons. ” source:  Juventus

Inter’s Success in the Champions League:

Inter reached the final of the Champions League in the 2022-23 season, their first appearance in the final since 2010. This was a significant achievement for the club, and it helped them to climb the UEFA club coefficient rankings. They are now ranked eighth overall, up from 11th last season.

The Nerazzurri’s run to the final was impressive, as they knocked out some of the biggest clubs in Europe along the way, including Real Madrid and Liverpool. They were eventually beaten by Bayern Munich in the final, but their performance was still enough to earn them a significant boost in their coefficient ranking.

Current UEFA Club Ranking:

# Club Points
1 Man City 118
2 Bayern Munich 116
3 Real Madrid 102
4 Chelsea 96
5 Liverpool 94
6 Paris SG 93
7 Man Utd 85
8 Inter 81
9 Juventus 80
10 RB Leipzig 79
11 AS Roma 79
12 Sevilla FC 77
13 Barcelona 68
14 Bor. Dortmund 68
15 Villarreal 66
16 Atlético Madrid 65
17 Benfica 65
18 SSC Napoli 63
19 Ajax 62
20 B. Leverkusen 61
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Juventus’ Struggles in Recent Seasons:

Juventus, on the other hand, have struggled in recent seasons. They failed to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in over a decade, and their coefficient ranking has fallen as a result. They are now ranked 9th overall, down from first place in 2018.

The Bianconeri’s decline has been a major surprise, as they had been one of the most successful clubs in Europe in recent years. However, they have been hit by a number of factors in recent seasons, including the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and the appointment of a number of unsuccessful managers.

Roma Improves Their Ranking:

Roma have also improved their ranking in recent years, thanks to their own success in the Europa League. The Giallorossi reached the final of the competition in the 2022-23 season, and they are now ranked 11th in the UEFA club coefficient rankings.

Roma’s improvement has been led by their manager, José Mourinho. The Portuguese coach has brought a winning mentality to the club, and he has helped them to reach the latter stages of the Europa League in two consecutive seasons.

Juve FC Responds:

Juve FC have responded to Inter Milan’s recent success by saying that they understand why they have overtaken them. They have admitted that they have struggled in recent seasons, but they are determined to make a comeback and get back to the top of the UEFA rankings. They have said that they need to stay focused on the task at hand and ensure they can get back in the top four. They have also said that they remain the biggest club in the land and will get back to the top of UEFA rankings soon if they work hard enough and make their plans happen.

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Overall, Italian Football is on the Rise:

The improved ranking of Inter, Roma, and Juventus is a positive sign for Italian football. It shows that the country is still capable of producing top-level teams that can compete at the highest level in Europe.

In addition to the three clubs mentioned above, there are a number of other Italian clubs that are also performing well in European competition. AC Milan reached the semi-finals of the Europa League last season, and Napoli are currently in the knockout stages of the Europa Conference League.

The improvement of Italian football is good news for fans of the sport around the world. It means that there are now more competitive teams from Italy in the Champions League and Europa League, which makes for more exciting matches.

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