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PSG and Barcelona are in Race to Sign Bernardo Silva: Manchester City want to keep him

PSG and Barcelona are in Race to Sign Bernardo Silva: Manchester City want to keep him

 Treble winner Bernardo Silva’s future is a hot topic in football right now. Two of Europe’s biggest clubs, PSG and Barcelona, are vying for the Portuguese playmaker’s signature. In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s happening in the transfer market, the bids that have been made, Silva’s personal preferences, and what the future holds for him, should he join PSG or Barcelona.


PSG’s Strong Interest:

PSG made an offer to sign Silva but his current club, Manchester City, turned it down. But Silva wants to play in France and join PSGLuis Campos, a close friend of Silva works at PSG as Football Advisor and is spearheading the effort to bring him to PSG.
He is a close friend of Silva since their time together at AS Monaco. Manchester City hopes to persuade Silva to stay at the club and sign a new deal, as his current deal runs until 2025.


Manchester City’s Desire to Keep Silva:

Manchester City really wants to keep Silva on their team. His coach, Pep Guardiola, thinks he’s one of the best players he’s ever trained. But Silva has expressed interest in trying something new outside of the Premier League.  Guardiola has said he won’t stop him if he wants to leave this summer.


Barcelona Trying To Get Silva:

After PSG’s offer was rejected, Barcelona stepped in. It’s no secret that Silva has always wanted to play for Barcelona, and that’s why they’ve been interested in signing him. But it won’t be easy to get the deal off the ground because Manchester City don’t want to let him go. Barcelona could offer a deal in which Silva joins on loan with an option to buy at a later date.

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Silva’s Impact:

Whether Silva joins PSG or joins Barcelona, the impact on the two clubs would be huge. PSG is already one of the best teams in the world, but Silva would make them even better in the middle of the park. Barcelona, too, is looking to bolster their midfield, and Silva, with his excellent passing and goal scoring record, would be a perfect fit for them.


Man City wants to keep Silva because he has been a vital part of the club’s success, but if Silva wants to move on and find a new level of success, Manchester City will have to make difficult decisions.



The Bernardo Silva transfer battle is heating up, with both PSG and Barcelona trying to get their hands on the talented midfielder. PSG are leading the race, but Silva wants to stay in France and Barcelona is interested in signing him, so it’s gonna be a close race. We’ll just have to see which club he goes to and how this whole transfer mess affects all the teams involved.





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